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To those who in life have always made choices tending toward excellence, for themselves and for those close to them.

Women and men who in addition to having achieved success are an incentive and example to others.

A rustic cottage with all the comforts for themselves and guests

The property becomes the ideal place to reside permanently and continue one’s business in an unspoiled place outside the mainstream. With every ease, for oneself and for guests.
A representative house in which to give precious time to those with whom you make good business deals, partnerships or to whom you allocate rewards for important goals achieved.The same property can also become the place to retire and change your life to enjoy nature and what it offers us in one of the most beloved and desired areas in the world… “Tuscany “.

The estate is located in the area called the Etruscan Coast in the province of Livorno. Not far from the small medieval town of Campiglia Marittima, the Etruscan Coast, in its approximately 100 km extension, is home to many medieval villages that enjoy an important sea view, seaside resorts, sites of archaeological interest, and is also one of the most important wine-growing areas in the world, where the Super Tuscan wines of the highest level are produced and exported all over the world.

The wide sea view stretching to the horizon and the settlement among hills and panoramic views become the absolute protagonists of a privileged stage. The property is currently used as a farm/tourism business, and covers an area of about 34 hectares of which approx. 5 of olive grove in production and 1 hectare of vineyard, (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc). All products are obtained from organic farming and certification is in progress. There is also already the possibility of expanding the vineyards to 2.5 ha with the construction of a new winery for which there is already a project.

A vast production between wine and olive oil

At the moment the complex is maintained by 5 employees including a German-Italian couple who live as administrators on the property.
The current production has about 2000-3000 Bottles of an exclusive and excellent red wine, 100-200 Liters of extra virgin Italian olive oil, and in collaboration with a local beekeeper, organic honey.



Campiglia Marittima







1190 mq


Taverna 85 mq

Cantina 85 mq


Rustico casale





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About Livorno and the Etruscan Coast

Territory overlooking the Tyrrhenian coast, once the land of the Etruscan people, traces of which are still scattered. This part of Tuscany, rich in beaches, hills and medieval villages, is a destination for discreet, quality tourism, seeking sensations and immersive experiences in genuine Tuscany.

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