It has come back to life after years of neglect,

following a “lightning strike” by the current owners

for a fairy-tale location and characteristic Tuscan rusticity.

Rustico Suvereto

Le origini

It has come back to life after years of neglect, following a “lightning strike” by the current owners for a fairy-tale location and characteristic Tuscan rusticity.

A life project that began with the renovation of the house and the farm outbuilding facing it, and then went on to care for the countryside with the planting of 1,000 olive trees, until the construction of two farm outbuildings that completed a “little hamlet” in the Val di Cornia countryside.

Every detail was finished under the banner of local tradition but also of love for the environment and beauty. Nothing is left to chance but rather the result of an Ideal that they chose, wanted and realized.
The view, and with it the mind, can range from the sea to the hills, from wheat fields to forests, from the islands of the archipelago to Mount Amiata. Lights and colors that blend into a silence interrupted only by the music of cicadas or birds.

Today you too have the chance to appreciate all this and whether it is for a day or forever…if you too have this dream, today you can make it come true!


Between Suvereto and Campiglia Marittima, the Podere is located in a hilly position in the typical Tuscan countryside. Midway between these two characteristic Medieval Villages of the Etruscan Coast, it enjoys a panoramic view that stretches, facing the sea, from Argentario to the island of Elba. Looking over the hills, the view ranges from Monterotondo to Massa Marittima, while at its feet stretches the plains of the Val di Cornia, from Riotorto to Venturina.

A quarter of an hour from the sea, the San Vincenzo beaches and the Gulf of Baratti, half an hour from Bolgheri and “its” Sassicaia, it is located in one of the most accredited wine-producing municipalities. Here architect Mario Botta has found ways to express his creativity with the Petra winery, visible from La Sassaia, and the Tua Rita winery has designed and built the award-winning Redigaffi.

Rustico Suvereto
Rustico Suvereto

The Farm

Now a farm, it has 20 hectares of land among olive trees, forest and Mediterranean scrub. The 1,000 olive trees are of the best known and renowned varieties of Tuscany: Leccino, Moraiolo and Frantoio, as well as others unknown to most people such as Cuoricino, Morcone or Lazzero di Prata, local and now no longer cultivated varieties that the property wanted to plant in order to safeguard their history and memory.

Outlining the agricultural activity is the agritourism, consisting of five lodgings: four two-room apartments and a one-room apartment that host Italian, German, Austrian and Swiss tourists looking for quiet and relaxation every year.
No wild concrete but corners of nature where one can pause, contemplate, read and of course enjoy a mocha coffee or taste a glass of wine.

Features of the main house

The main body of the property opens onto a living room with a fireplace and dining room capable of accommodating diners and friends. The rustic bricks that serve as flooring convey warmth and familiarity. The large kitchen, also with a fireplace, reveals characteristics of those who like to spend time in the kitchen. The chestnut-beamed ceilings and bricks recall the essence of Tuscan style.

Completing the ground floor are a pantry, a laundry room and a service bathroom.
On the second floor in the sleeping area 3 bedrooms (of which two doubles), 2 large bathrooms (one with tub and shower).
The whole for about 200 square meters.

Rustico Suvereto

Completing the farmhouse:

– 2 stone farm outbuildings, one of 45 sqm and one of 90 sqm, used as agritourism (3 two-room apartments) for a total of 135 sqm approx.
– 1 one-roomed accommodation (35 sqm approx.) and 1 two-roomed accommodation (50 sqm approx.) in the main structure
– Photovoltaic panels that make the farm independent from the point of view of electricity
– 2 technical rooms
– 7 covered parking spaces
– Outdoor lighting systems










200 mq


Technical rooms 50sqm

Accessory land 20000sqm







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