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VVT – Vieni a vivere la Toscana

VVT is a platform that promotes abroad the Arts, Artists, Artisans, Companies and places of Tuscany. VVT is an open bridge that allows people living abroad, to dream and plan their trip, vacation or investment in the most beautiful and well-known region in the world. VVT uses New Models of Communication to promote Tuscany, they will be even, far too visionary, but certainly unique in the world, which is why we believe they will have great power of attraction.

VVT’s goal is to always keep the focus on the Tuscany “Brand” alive by promoting its culture and traditions. In fact, with different formats that will combine two powerful tools of Communication, Entertainment and Gaming, VVT does exactly the opposite and makes Tuscany travel to the whole world. Vieni a Vivere la Toscana was born from the will and the lucid and visionary madness of three people who have been adopted by Tuscany for years: Mari D’Elia, Angelo Ferraris and Paolo Santoro.

The path they have chosen to create an absolutely unique platform starts from culture, the arts and those who think and create them. So they will talk about people and personalities who create value in all fields, artistic and entrepreneurial, but also about opportunities to invest in properties chosen and researched ad hoc by Angelo Ferraris, for all those who decide to come and experience Tuscany.


Finally, for the first Format, we can proudly say that there are no similar experiences in the world. In the lockdown period, they started thinking together with director Francesco Felli about an innovative idea to promote Tuscany but also that would combine the acting of real actors with a society game that would be developed over several days. From this idea, Francesco Felli wrote a thriller-game set in the territories of Cecina, Montescudaio, Bibbona and Casale Marittimo, while VVT developed the Format to promote places, artisans, artists, companies, etcc.. This is how “FOX HUNTING – Tuscany Series Game” was born, the world’s first 8-episode series game…

Maps and clues

Tuscany Series Game

Innovative gamefication model

New places to discover



We are a united and fortified team to promote the culture and traditions of the Tuscany brand.

We create, together, artistic and entrepreneurial values for the most beautiful and well-known region in the world.

Angelo Ferraris

Angelo Ferraris

Amministratore delegato

Sales Director, Managing Director and Temporary Management for multinational corporations and relevant local businesses

Senior Real Estate Consultant and Broker Owner and Team Leader

Dario Patera

Dario Patera

Area Manager

Senior Consultant for multinational corporations and Real Estate franchise groups

CFO Companies in the Hospitality, Healthcare, Smartbuildings Sector

Real Estate Consultant, Broker and Team Manager for Real Estate operators

Francesca Parrini

Francesca Parrini

Marketing Manager

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