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The typical Tuscan landscape is a gentle and balanced setting, cultivated with wisdom and order, protected in its original beauty. At the same time, a model of rational settlement a natural work of art.

The Tuscan territory can be divided into a perfect geometry of fields, harmonizing masses of color that alternate between the gold of crops and the green of forests.
In Tuscany, there are also many flat areas both along the coastal strip and inland such as Versilia, the flat area between Livorno and Pisa instead includes the last stretch of the Lower Valdarno, the Maremma opens along the entire central-southern coastal stretch of the Tuscan region and also continues into Lazio territory.

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Crete senesi: un paesaggio da fotografare

The name of this area, southeast of the city of Siena, comes from the clay in the soil, which gives the landscape a distinctive grayish-blue color, giving it a striking lunar physiognomy.

Riserva Naturale dello Stato Tomboli: Cecina e d'intorni

The reserve is about 15 km long and is divided into three sections interspersed with the settlements of Vada and Cecina. During the summer, as the area is equipped with benches and picnic tables, it is very popular. The trails within the reserve are very easy.

Grotta antro del Corchia: il Parco regionale delle Alpi Apuane

Monte Corchia is an Italian mountain relief in the Apuan Alps Regional Park, in the province of Lucca. It is 1677 meters above sea level and is of considerable interest, especially in speleology, but also in mountaineering, landscape and nature.

L'inferno di Dante, la gola di Botri

Orrido di Botri is a deep gorge of limestone nature, carved out over the years due to the continuous erosive action of Rio Pelago. The gorge appears as a majestic and beautiful canyon immersed in a natural landscape setting. A striking beauty that attracts the interest of legions of hikers.

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Malbacco: cascate in Paradiso

Not too far from the village of Seravezza you can reach this natural paradise of waterfalls and natural pools where the water is emerald in color.

Stretti di Giaredo: il canyon in Toscana

The Stretti di Giaredo are spectacular canyons formed by the slow flow of the Gordana stream in Lunigiana, straddling the municipalities of Pontremoli and Zeri.

Calafuria: scogliera alle spalle delle colline livornesi

Tuscany’s strength is in being able to marry this earthy soul with a vocation for the sea between the coasts between Livorno and the Maremma, and hemming in the profile of the island of Elba and the smaller islands that ring an archipelago sometimes not as celebrated as it deserves.

Balze di Valdarno: spettacolo lungo l'acqua zolfina

The crags of Valdarno are strange reliefs of layered debris composed of sand, clay, pebbles and gravel. They are formed by erosion following the draining of a lake that covered the area two million years ago and shaped by weathering.

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