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A place can be lived, it can be dreamed, it can be recommended






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How to communicate our idea of place? We answered this question after days of exhausting editorial meetings, defining a hypothetical magic square, composed of four side-pillars that we called “the pillars of the four A’s”…Arts, Artists, Craftsmen, Companies.

Restaurants in Tuscany


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Why rely on us?

We go to the places personally, meet and talk to the locals, go into the workshops of artisans, visit businesses.

How do we do this?

By dedicating ourselves, with care, to each “VVT Place.” We will point you to that place that is worth a trip and, more importantly, once you get there what are the people and businesses to meet that might enrich a traveler’s knowledge and consciousness.


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Address Corso Matteotti 215 – 57023 Cecina (LI)

Tel. 0586 620769

Email vieniaviverelatoscana@gmail.com 

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