A lifestyle where you can do what you want to do

Smart Working. New life for villages.

“Come and live in Santa Fiora and work in smart working surrounded by nature.” With this slogan, Federico Balocchi, Mayor of Santa Fiora, a beautiful village of 3,000 souls on the slopes of Mount Amiata, intends to convince anyone who would like to change their life, to move to Santa Fiora.

Riccardo Cresci Interview

The interview with Riccardo Cresci inaugurates a series of interviews done with those involved in the administration of a territory. Mayors and city councilors, regional aldermen and all those who in some way have responsibility for what happens in a territory.

A new format to promote Tuscany

Game or TV series? Both. Indeed, it is from this unusual and clever mix that “Fox Hunting” was born, the world’s first series game dedicated to promoting the Region of Tuscany.


Who knows by what mysterious mechanism, sometimes, Destiny and Chance decide at a precise moment in our lives, to bring us back to “place.” Perhaps, right there, where we have intensely experienced people or situations and returning there, inevitably brings the mind back in time. It happens then, that the heart reopens its doors, to seemingly distant or slumbering thoughts, sometimes dear and sometimes melancholy, that we know have deeply determined who we are.

My Sunflowers

When I arrived in Maremma four years ago, along the road to Grosseto, the thing that struck me above all else was the vast expanses of Sunflower fields. That yellow so unique, unmistakable, almost hypnotic but at the same time energizing and relaxing.

I want to live here. In Florence.

I was born in Puglia, a land I adore. It was there that as a child I dreamed of destinations to reach and of great travels. At that time, traveling the world was my one and only and greatest desire, so much so, that when I was asked the usual question – the one asked of every child in the world – “What do you want to do when you grow up?” my answer was always the same: “…travel and learn about the world.”

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