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Tuscan cuisine is rich in authentic flavors and aromas and has its roots in history. In particular, preparations of many dishes have remained almost unchanged over time, letting us savor again all the taste of the tradition of our land.

Pecorino cheeses, pork preparations and olive oil are used in typical dishes differently from bell tower to bell tower. Every Tuscan recipe, even if it consists of only a few ingredients, is enhanced with the use of garlic and onion. They are also combined with rosemary, sage, basil, bay leaves, parsley, nutmeg, coriander, cloves, cinnamon and pepper. 

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Maremma: tradizione contadina

Acquacotta (a soup with Swiss chard, tomato, and carrots, accompanied with toasted bread croutons and a poached egg); tortelli maremmani (homemade pasta stuffed with ricotta and spinach and topped with meat sauce); and ciaffagnone (the secret is the use of water instead of milk and the resting time of the dough).

Pisa: cucina povera alla ricerca del gusto

Cecina (a thin flatbread made with chickpea flour that is very popular in made-in-Tuscany street food); mucco pisano (the San Rossore regional park is home to this particular breed of cattle that is the result of a cross between the Alpine brown cow and the park’s local bull); and torta co’ bischeri (short pastry filled with a dough that includes rice and chocolate among its main ingredients, as well as raisins, pine nuts, and candied fruit).

Siena: cibo da trattoria e buongustai

Pici (a pasta dish flavored with cacio e pepe, nana (duck) ragu, with sausage and mushroom sauce, sausage, potatoes, and beans); Cinta Senese pork arista (a pork dish served sliced with sage, rosemary, and garlic sautéed together); and panforte with ricciarelli (typical Tuscan Christmas sweets). 

Firenze: cibo innafiato con il vino

Lampredotto (sandwich filled with succulent innards especially bovine stomach); peposo alla fornacina ( stew with black pepper, beef muscle cooked in red wine) and zuccotto (sponge cake soaked in alchermes and filled with ricotta, candied fruit and almonds).

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