Vieni a vivere la Toscana

A place can be lived, it can be dreamed, it can be advised.

VVT – COME TO LIVE TUSCANY is a platform that promotes abroad the Arts, Artists, Artisans, Companies and places of Tuscany. VVT is an open bridge that allows those living abroad, to dream and organize their trip, vacation or investment in the most beautiful and well-known region in the world. 

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Unique Routes

Tuscany offers unique routes and itineraries. Unforgettable landscapes, places to visit and thematic tours.

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Culture and good food

Land rich in art, history and extraordinary works. Let yourself be lulled by the essence of popular culture while enjoying the typical products of this wonderful area.

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Tuscany: a way of life

Do you want a moment for yourself in complete relaxation? Or a romantic weekend in enchanting places? Tuscany offers all this and more.

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