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A place can be lived, it can be dreamed, it can be advised.

Tuscany’s innovative territorial marketing portal

A place can be dreamed of, can be visited, can be experienced

An original and innovative Tuscan territorial marketing platform

A unique window for a target international clientele on Tuscany

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Careful selection of Partners is a guarantee of quality for the client. 

Business Development

Supporting the opening of new markets through interaction with institutions in the area

Marketing Internazionale

VVT is an ever-open bridge to maintain the TUSCANY brand in Italy but also abroad


Making your business known regionally, nationally and internationally

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Address Corso Matteotti 215 – 57023 Cecina (LI)

Area Manager – Dario Patera +39 333 788 1024

Marketing Manager – Francesca Parrini +39 333 190 7934


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