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Built on top of one of the highest hills on the Etruscan Coast in Tuscany, Villa Poggio al Pruno is exceptional for its position “between earth and sky.” 


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Our history 

Welcome to Poggio del Pruno

Built on top of one of the highest hills on the Etruscan Coast in Tuscany, Villa Poggio al Pruno is exceptional for its location “between land and sky.” Facing the villa is a line of the magnificent Tyrrhenian Sea with the contours of the French island of Corsica and the islands of the Tuscan archipelago, including the legendary Elba, like Corsica, giving rise to powerful historical associations.

From the other sides of the villa there is a magnificent view of the world-famous Tuscan hills, extolled by the greatest poets. Being the cradle of world civilization and culture, Italy rests on these Tuscan hills. It is no coincidence that it was here that the heroes of Dante Alighieri’s immortal “Divine Comedy” lived and became heroes. The descendants of some of those heroes continue to live here, near the villa POGGIO AL PRUNO, producing, among other things, elite wines to the delight and satisfaction of the entire world.



Villa Poggio al Pruno is a magnificent complex, recently renovated with great care and taste in the Tuscan style.

Two integral plans


The main house is on 2 floors and includes on the ground floor a living room, dining zon, library and relaxation area. Next to the living room are 4 double bedrooms with private bathrooms.

Sea view terrace

Second floor: two double bedrooms, terrace overlooking the sea. Glass lemon house, a winter garden on the terrace completes the whole.


The Tower

Connected to the house is an exposed 2-story fully equipped tower, bedroom with access. alterrace and private bathroom.

Around nature

Swimming pool and barbecue area. Laundry area, private parking and 20 hectares of forest with natural springs.

Tuscan tradition


The villa is furnished in the Tuscan tradition: furniture made by skilled local artisans, Tuscan terracotta floors and walls, and the protected wrought-iron gate. 

Villa experiences

Pleasant moments and attractions

Various possibilities to spend pleasant moments during their stay including visits to Volterra, the capital of the Etruscans, and other famous cities such as Pisa, Florence, etc.

Other attractions including sea baths, spa treatments, horses and more are also available upon request. 

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