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Why should you trust us? After days of exhausting editorial meetings, defining a hypothetical magic square composed of four sides-pillars we called “the pillars of the four A’s”…Arts, Artists, Craftsmen, Businesses.

How do we communicate our idea of place? We at VVT go to the places personally, meet and talk to the locals, go into the workshops of the artisans, visit the businesses. Then, if we are convinced of the potential of the places, we will recommend them and publish them on the Come and Live Tuscany website.”

How will we do this? By carefully devoting to each “Place of VVT” a card where, after a brief description, we will indicate why in our opinion that place deserves a trip and, most importantly, once we get there what are the people and companies to meet, which could enrich the knowledge and consciousness of a traveler. Finally, we wanted to introduce in the tab for each VVT Place.

The section “Where to Invest” is dedicated, in particular, to those who have decided to live a fragment or all of their lives in Tuscany.

Agritourism in Calci: the Infinite before our eyes with its charm and beauty

“…ma sedendo e mirando, interminati
spazi di là da quella, e sovrumani
Silenzi, e profondissima quiete
io nel pensier mi fingo…” – L’Infinito – Giacomo Leopardi

The Infinite is before our eyes with its charm, its beauty.

Agritourism in Pomarance: change your life now

Description being updated …

Livorno penthouse: sea view and city center meet

In the heart of the city center, in the Republic Square area and close to the city shopping streets, in a building of 8 units, we offer large penthouse, on the fourth floor with elevator, modern and elegant about 160 square meters.

Hotel Paradiso: for lovers of the Tuscan countryside, hub of Italian hospitality

It is an ideal starting point for lovers of the Tuscan countryside, who seek for their vacation, a strategic place both for its proximity to the sea and for itineraries of historical and cultural interest. Privacy, relaxation and tranquility are the characteristics of our location.

Rustico Fauglia

Rustic Fauglia: among water lilies and beautiful nature

In the very first Tuscan countryside, in the sunny municipality of Fauglia, lies this wonderful farmhouse totally independent and perfectly restored in every part, equipped with a detached annexe which is in turn completely independent. This gives the possibility to live in this magnificent property using the dependance for service personnel or as a source of tourist income. 

Rustico Fauglia

Rustico Campiglia Marittima: the right prize for a successful life

An award dedicated to those who desire the extraordinary. To those who in life have always made choices tending toward excellence, for themselves and for those close to them. Women and men who in addition to having achieved success are an incentive and example to others.

Rustico Fauglia

Rustic Pescaglia: former farmhouse from the 1700s surrounded by greenery

Fattoria 1700 is located in a flat area surrounded by hills where long walks are possible. The building dating back to the 1700s was originally a farm belonging to the Marchesi Mansi, then passed to the Bourbons and then to the Borselli family,who have lived there for more than four generations.

Rustico Suvereto

Rustico Suvereto: a fairy-tale location and characteristic Tuscan rusticity

It has come back to life after years of neglect, following a “lightning strike” by the current owners for a fairy-tale location and characteristic Tuscan rusticity. Every detail has been finished under the banner of the tradition of the place but also the love for the environment and beauty. Nothing is left to chance but rather the result of an Ideal that they chose, wanted and realized.

Rustico Suvereto

Villa Camaiore: ideal place to entertain your guests, enjoy relaxation near the sea

A stone’s throw from the sea, in the sunny setting of Lido di Camaiore, in a private and quiet area welcomes us this beautiful villa on two levels. The large driveway gate opens onto the splendid outdoor spaces that the villa enjoys, including a well-kept planted garden, a relaxation area in front of the main entrance and a dining area, an ideal place to entertain guests during the sparkling summer evenings in total privacy.

Rustico Suvereto

Villa Guadalupe: a place where ideas are developed, projects are born

The origins of this ancient mansion date back to the mid-19th century at the behest of the Tangassi family, important artists of the famous Volterra alabaster, who decided to build the villa ” le Guadalupe” over an old farmhouse. They chose an exclusive and magical place, surrounded by a unique and fairy-tale Tuscan landscape. 

Villa Casciana Terme

Villa “For Elisa”: a Viareggina with ample space to be able to experience a great environment at its best

The Viareggina ‘For Elisa…’ for those who love classical music is one of Ludwig van Beethoven’s most beautiful and well-known compositions. A piano piece whose notes were composed to cheer the drawing rooms of the 1800s.

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