VVT - Our Vision

A place can be dreamed of, can be visited, can be experienced


This is our vision. A project dedicated, in particular, to those who have decided to live a fragment or all of their lives in Tuscany.

Our vision is to start a partnership with selected business entities in the Tuscan land and create an exclusive community.

We want to be a new opportunity for the strengthening of the network of valuable relationships, to the development of the e-commerce channel and become part of a valuable network of services in the Tuscan context.

Project dedicated to Tuscany

New empowerment opportunity

Exclusive community

Contact us 

Address Corso Matteotti 215 – 57023 Cecina (LI)

Area Manager – Dario Patera +39 333 788 1024

Marketing Manager – Francesca Parrini +39 333 190 7934

Email vieniaviverelatoscana@gmail.com 

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