Game or TV series? Both. Indeed, it is from this unusual and clever mix that “Fox Hunting” was born, the world’s first series game dedicated to promoting the Region of Tuscany.


With the production of VVT channel – a spin-off of the platform Vieni a Vivere la Toscana dedicated to video productions – Fox Hunting is the pilot series game, which will be followed in October by the filming of the second and third series, which is developed in 8 episodes shot in the provinces of Livorno and Pisa, in particular in the villages of Casale Marittimo, Bibbona, Montescudaio and the town of Cecina.


The player is taken by the hand through a map (which will be completed with each episode) and, must watch each day and perhaps several times carefully, the approximately 2-minute video, where actors will leave clues to spot or puzzles to solve, so he can access the next episode.

By whom?

The original story was written by Francesco Felli, who also directed the first series. Fox Hunting is for all intents and purposes an innovative model of “Gamification” a tool that has now entered de facto and in its own right, into the strategic marketing of companies, which to promote their services/products use gaming to create anticipation and desire towards their customers.

The idea of combining gamification with Entertainment, particularly a short-series, is however, the real innovation and the real bet on which Vieni a Vivere la Toscana has focused. At a time when foreign tourism to Italy, and Tuscany in particular, is almost zero, the goal of this format creates a real “bridge” that always keeps the Tuscany brand alive towards those living abroad. It allows constant contact with the region that one loves and may be able to discover, new places and artisans, to be able to go and meet in person as soon as the limitations in traveling are finally removed. Fox Hunting, the first Tuscany Series Game…the hunt has begun!

Happy VVT and happy gaming to all!